CB750F: Day 06

Need to order a new fuel line, it is pretty neat because although it is now totally inflexible, it had still worked correctly. There is probably a painful metaphor hiding in there.
Took the jets out and put them in order. The idle jet has “98” written on it, the one on top (T). Before taking the idle jets out turned them to all the way in and wrote that down so I install the new ones at the correct setting. There is oxidation in the float bowls, I’m going to buy an ultrasonic cleaner and use true green on them, and put the whole rack in the dip tank next week. Used a socket for the topmost jet. The pin holding the 4th carb float didn’t want to come up but was coerced eventually.

Sprayed carb cleaner in each of the jets and on the parts a little bit. Pat found the kit I need on http://vintagecb750.com/, the key was to select “Series 2”!
The right-hand grip is all rotten, pulled the tape off.

Need to order parts and an ultrasonic cleaner, too.

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  1. Hi, I have a trike with a Honda CB750FC 1982 engine. I’ve been trying to get some new carburettor floats and all i can seam to find are the after market ones, which are all plastic without the metal adjusting tabs on them to set the float hight. I see the floats in your photo have the metal tabs on them and wondered if they are for a Honda CB750F and if so is it possible to still buy them with the metal tabs on and if so could you please advice me of where to purchase some? Thanks for your help. Stephen.

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