CB750F: Day 09

Tonight was preparation for break. Hooked up the adapter cable to the battery for the trickle charger and learned about what it means to ground a circuit (fireworks in face) along with a trick of wrapping the screwdriver in a layer of electric tape to insulate it.
It was real hassle getting the bolts into the nut on the battery posts, so I stuck some paper tape underneath to jack it up and pulled it out once it was gripped.
Finding a carb kit is still a work in progress, I suspect that I will buy individual jets.
Debating buying an ultrasonic cleaner; though it is certainly easier than building one. One interesting item I found though was a drop-in transducer, which could turn any container into an ultrasonic cleaner!
The cheapo nitrile gloves aren’t cutting it, they break too much, got a recommendation for the Microflex MidKnight Nitrile gloves instead.
Brandon shared his carb gaskets with me, they look like they will fit (thanks!). I might break apart that rack so I can replace/clean all of the diaphragms.
The rest of the night I just cleaned off the bike; she is in rough shape and deserves to be clean.

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