Creation and conservation of computer files (C3F)

Wanting to learn literate programming in org-mode I figured that my Emacs configuration would be the simplest place to start. In that regard I was right, it just took a lot more work then I had expected, and that is OK. It was a non-trivial effort and I learned a lot. In my mind, the door is now wide open to utilize literate programming; the org-mode team has truly unleashed an amazing gift to the world and it may take the world some time to really understand and appreciate it.
My configs and document follow; the first one, C3F.html, is the human-readable document:

9 thoughts on “Creation and conservation of computer files (C3F)”

  1. I’ve been impressed with Literate Programming since my college days (oh, about 15 years ago). And yet, in all this time, I’ve never found a practical use for it.
    Almost the same thing can be said for me and org-mode. It looks so sweet. And yet, I’ve never been able to put it to use.
    Congrats on finding a solid use case for both technologies!

  2. Neat! Thanks for sharing your config. I was wondering if the UTF-8 checkboxes were part of your config somehow, and if you’d gotten Org to output them instead of – [X]. =) Any tips?

    Thanks for saying that and thank you for sharing your passion and expertise with org-mode.
    It is still on my todo list to figure out how to do a translation from org-mode checkboxes to utf-8 on export, so for now I just kept the whole list as utf-8, not utilizing any of the related checkbox features.

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