Easily set column width in org tables

Org tables are great. Most of the time I rely on the column width auto-resizing feature. Perhaps you want to do force a smaller width though for example. Just specify the width, in its own empty row inside of angled parentheses. Default justification is right. Prefix the number with a l or c to do left or center.
Here is the page. Thanks Tory!

     |---+------------------------------|               |---+--------|
     |   |                              |               |   | <6>    |
     | 1 | one                          |               | 1 | one    |
     | 2 | two                          |     ----\     | 2 | two    |
     | 3 | This is a long chunk of text |     ----/     | 3 | This=> |
     | 4 | four                         |               | 4 | four   |
     |---+------------------------------|               |---+--------|

org-table-edit-field (C-c `) lets you easily edit the entire field and the org super key (C-c C-c) saves it.

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