Effective JavaScript Book Review

Looking for resources to help you maximize your learnings and minimize your
time use is often fruitless. Publishing deadlines cut books short, real life
gets in the author’s way, and personal preference, well there isn’t much you
can do about that. In many ways, this book is an oddity.

The voice is at ease, nothing is crammed down your throat and it doesn’t feel
like he was slamming caffeinated beverages just to get it done. It is refreshing
being the recipient of an exposition that not only teaches you, but questions
you, and sets expectations of you and what you should learn. The book is broken
up into 68 different lessons, and it ends up being a perfect approach. It gives
you time to pick it up when you are free and dig as deep as you want. It also
is very humble, the sections make the point and pose the advice, and if you
don’t grok it then you had better revisit it. Again, it makes for peaceful and
pleasant reading, without sacrificing the seriousness or even urgency of the
valuable points contained within.

Books like this are few and far between, at least when it comes to industrial
concerns. This book is a gem for the JavaScript technology, because it poses
the technology for thoughtful grownups instead of obsessing over the 24h
tricks, recipes of the week, and “one way to do it right”, it will be a timeless
contribution that will always be valued.

Just like the author said, it is not for new learners of the language, it is for
experiences programmers who have gotten through the first 80% and now want to
master the remaining 80%.

On the Kindle it looked great, text, code, and pictures.

In my eyes, this is the missing manual that should have gone out with
ECMA-262. 5/5

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