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Too Much Sugar Inhibits Cognitive Repair & Function

Via this study: MetS as a result of fructose consumption exacerbates the deleterious effects of TBI on cognitive function. We propose a framework for a potential model in which fructose and TBI affect systems related to cell energy metabolism, which converge on intracellular pathways that regulate brain plasticity and cognitive function (Figure 7). Our results […]

Choosing a WordPress Vagrant Box

I want a Vagrant box on which to configure and develop WordPress. Here are some of the options. I wanted to decide on one. Here is how. Box: name Stars: on GitHub, # stars Ctrb: on GitHub, # contributors Rel: on GitHub, # releases Cmts: on GitHub, # commits Brn: on GitHub, # branches For: […]

C Resources on Reddit /r/cprog – the cold, hard truth r/cprog The C programming language r/c_language Old’scool C Programming Reddit r/cprogramming C r/C_Programming

A Book Produced Using Org

Via: I am happy to share with fellow Orgers my recent book — Ending Malnutrition: from commitment to action — published by the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations, Rome and Tulika Books, New Delhi (, The book was written and produced entirely in Org. This would not have been possible without the […]

Undoing the Last Commit in Git that Wasn’t Pushed

Via: git reset –soft HEAD~1

Obtain the Hash for the Last Commit in Git

Via: pwd git log -n 1 /Users/gcr/src/wisdomandwonder/post commit e7766a90d0e41a1c9c4175dde5e5d6a20af52732 Author: Grant Rettke <> Date: Fri Sep 11 14:57:10 2015 -0500 Posted

Notes On org-scraps

org-scraps are interesting because I have only used Org-Mode’s tangling functionality for my Emacs initialization file. They show off a lot of the literate stuff with concise examples. Things make a lot more sense how.

org-scraps Notes 30D36486-3578-4C0D-B16F-CE89A283358A

catch the file name during export Code block specific header arguments are evaluated before execution of the source block. The arguments seem to be symbols, strings, or Emacs-Lisp SEXPs. Here is an example of an inline source block that gets the name of this file and returns it: “/Users/gcr/tmp/” Using Emacs-Lisp in header arguments introduces […]

org-scraps Notes 6CBD47FB-80AD-41DC-9E0C-482FE1C230E6

About org-scraps is a collection of Org-Mode demonstrations published by Eric Schulte. All of my experience with Org-Mode Literate Programming is working on my Emacs configuration for Literate Programming. Wanting to address my limited experience I am working through each example in org-scraps. Org-Scraps is weaved to HTML files published here. Approach Evaluate each example. […]

Be Gentle With Yourself

Meditation is not what you think.