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Disturbing, disturbable, disturbed… or not!

As they say, “wherever you go, there you are”! As a great man once said… “Q. You know why I’m happy? A. Because I not unhappy!”. You may instinctively laugh at this moment. Great post on such opportunities.

How to Do Yoga Backwards

There are amazing athletes in yoga class. They do perfect poses. My mind wonders “must one be a perfect athlete to get the best out of our asanas?”. My heart knows the truth: all are welcome and the journey is the teacher, not the destination (in this case, the pose). In this article, a yogi […]

Yoga International Online is Delightful

Yoga International @himalayanorg is an online resource containing everything that they done in their printed format, in an on-line format, along with everything that they will do, too. That is really super. It is delightful to dig into a topic or idea in such an accessible manner. The digital membership pass is so amazingly priced, […]

Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking

Paul recommended this book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. Sounds pretty interesting.

Emacs, Calendars, Google, and Org Mode

This post has a few nice links. emacs-calfw is calendar framework for Emacs. google-maps displays Google Maps directly inside Emacs. org-gcal.el synchronizes org-mode with Google Calendar.

A Nice Git Branching Model

This article communications a very nice Git branching model.

key-combo and the Spread of Great Ideas

I love watching great ideas percolate through the file editor ecosystem. My cup of tea is Emacs, so I notice it most there, but it happens all over the place. For example EasyMotion appeared in VIM and jumped to Emacs AceJump and then to IntelliJ (and all its children). If you are an Emacs user […]

How to Format Magrittr Chains with ESS

Here is an example of how to format magrittr chains with ESS. Those interested will also be happy to learn of ess-R-fl-keyword:%op% and ess-%op%-face. For example, to get the an indent after only the first statement. (add-to-list ‘ess-style-alist ‘(my-style (ess-indent-level . 4) (ess-first-continued-statement-offset . 2) (ess-continued-statement-offset . 0) (ess-brace-offset . -4) (ess-expression-offset . 4) (ess-else-offset […]

Entity Framework in the Enterprise on Pluralsight

What I want to know how to do in entity framework: Create High speed database contexts Object rich database contexts Dynamically composable database contexts for when pre-built don’t exist Understand Best path Performance trade-offs Risks and Challenges With those questions in mind I watched Entity Framework in the Enterprise: Incorporating Entity Framework into applications that […]

MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility for Windows

MD5 & SHA Checksum Utility worked just fine for me. Great way to verify MSDN ISO downloads.