How To Build A USB Puzzle Box?

It would be fun to build a USB puzzle box. Here is how it would work after you plug it in:

  • It would illuminate it’s buttons in an entertaining pattern
  • If you punch in the secret code it would unlock it’s storage drive
  • If you punch in the wrong code it would reboot your computer

It is supposed to be fun. I haven’t thought too deeply about this, but it is supposed to be fun no encryption or anything. The security comes from the device simply not even showing up as a storage device until you “unlock” it.

Since I’m on OS X, this seemed like a good place to start.

Easily Browse Imenu Entries In A Buffer

Imenu is an under-recognized gem of a package. One way to make it more accessible is to utilize it via a buffer instead of going up to a menu.

imenu-list does just that. It is shockingly powerful because nearly every package has Imenu integration, it is fast, easy to read, and lets you quickly jump around and exit the mode just as easily as you entered it.