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Org Manual

The org-mode manual lives here.

org-mode examples

This post is a wonderful cookbook from which to pull.

Love offerings

“Love offerings” are often a derided and despised thing. At best “Why can’t they just say that they are materialistic?”. At worst “Why can’t they just say they are greedy?”.

We live in a socio-economic system that when combined with a reality that is subject to death, decay, and destruction can obviously stress people out.

A love offering is a two-fold action. In making one, you simultaneously help to create an environment where others may learn to do so, and in doing so you ought to experience that divine love, as will they.

They really only make sense when they are undertaken from the heart, not the mind.

Anything else would be really unpleasant.

How To Tell Stuff To A Computer

This looks like a great read; can’t wait to do so.

(via Mark Watson)

Emacs elisp dev must read

As usual Nic outdoes us all in terms of serving the community and the greater good. How to write real code in emacs lisp with Emacs.

This must be read.

Human nature today

There is a whole lot of focus on the human part, not much at all on the nature part.

We must get outside.

Introduction to the Theory of Computation

Peter recommended this book by Sipser.

Keeping computer stuff easy, convenient, and safe

This is a light-weight, informal presentation on some data-maintenance topics for typical personal-computer use.

Build the configuration you need

The Emacs configuration for normal operations on my system has loads of useful and powerful packages loaded. Sometimes they interfere with the normal operation of org-html-export-to-*, though. The simplest way to address those issues is to generate two confirmation files: one for full-blown Emacs use and another just for doing exports. With literate programming in org-mode it is totally simple to do. It looks like this:


cheezy scheme

It’s not merely cheezy, it’s full-on spray-can cheez.

Who doesn’t love spray cheez… or Scheme… or Emacs-Lisp?

(via emacswiki)