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Running CLIPS on Android

Via here: CLIPS4Android and DROID-CLIPS

CLIPS Language Support for Visual Studio

Very sweet.

The Standard Function Library

The SFL (Standard Function Library) from iMatix is a portable function library for C/C++ programs. The SFL is the result of many years’ development, and is provided as Open Source software for the benefit of the Internet community.

The SFL provides about 450 functions that cover these areas:

Compression, encryption, and encoding;
Datatype conversion and formatting;
Dates, times, and calendars;
Directory and environment access;
User and process groups;
Inverted bitmap indices;
Symbol tables;
Error message files;
Configuration files;
String manipulation and searching;
File access;
Internet socket access;
Internet programming (MIME, CGI);
SMTP (e-mail) access;
Server (batch) programming;
Program tracing.

It is free software.


Org-agenda module for turning task management into a game.

– via here

Haven’t read the overview yet but skimming it, it appears to be rich and thoughtful. Perfect timing for those of us curious about gamification.

Bluebeam Revu

The collaboration features look really nice.

org mode is awesome

John shows you why here. Thanks irreal for the link.

Some good projects or courses of study


SVG is a markup language for describing two-dimensional graphics applications and images, and a set of related graphics script interfaces.

That is probably one of the “understatements of the century” kind of things. At least, it would appear that way to folks like myself who have never worked with such things (nor had the need to hand-code Postscript as seemingly many others have).

The fact that full access to the document is provided for the HTML container and is entirely accessible both to and from JavaScript makes this a quite amazing computational/visual platform.

How to choose a font

Audience: Computer users. Programmers. User experience designers (UXD).

Every computer-user has a different strategy for choosing the best font for long
periods working at the computer. They all involve many metrics, strategies, and
rubrics. Based on that, they are probably all wrong. Well not really, they are
right based upon experience, and experience is really all that matters.

I was curious about whether my experience had any basis in reality, and I really
wanted to dig into what is the “right way” to choose a font for any particular
user or situation. The following are notes and ultimately a decision on what is
the best for me. Hopefully the notes alone are revealing and help you reach your
own conclusion, too. At the very least you ought to be educated, informed, and
probably surprised, too, about some of the factors involved in font selection.


SMIE and Operator-precedence grammars

SMIE demonstrates use of operator-precedence grammars

I am just parroting what the author kindly explains as I don’t know about the topic and it is nice to learn about it in “real code”.