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I Am A Brunet

I am a brunet. Seriously. You need to look past the grey, and, it is there. Last night I learned about the spelling. Women are brunette and men are brunet. Cool to learn.

Yoga International Online is Delightful

Yoga International @himalayanorg is an online resource containing everything that they done in their printed format, in an on-line format, along with everything that they will do, too. That is really super. It is delightful to dig into a topic or idea in such an accessible manner. The digital membership pass is so amazingly priced, […]

A Nice Git Branching Model

This article communicates a very nice Git branching model.

First Hatha at YogaOne @yogaonemke Fox Point Report

On Sunday I attended the “Vinyasa Flow L1-2” class. Catherine taught it in Fox Point. This was my first class in a long, long time. Too long. It was so great to get back. Catherine is a delightful teacher and she taught a delightful class. Let me elaborate. I haven’t done hatha for a long, […]

IIS for Developers

IIS for Developers. Brief, terse, compact. Excellent details required to deploy a system to IIS. Not training, rather informational. Must have server/system-deploy experience, and therefore questions, before viewing.

Practicing debugging instance eca20d1a-21de-0a34-ff53-833f3aea7918

This post documents how bugs get de-bugged. It is short, and sweet, with enough depth to be interesting.

Teaching Statistics: A Bag of Tricks

This volume takes a positive spin on the field of statistics. Statistics is seen by students as difficult and boring, however, the authors of this book have eliminated that theory. Teaching Statistics: A Bag Of Tricks, brings together a complete set of examples, demonstrations and projects that not only will increase class participation but will […]

How Students Learn Statistics

Research in the areas of psychology, statistical education, and mathematics education is reviewed and the results applied to the teaching of college-level statistics courses. The argument is made that statistics educators need to determine what it is they really want students to learn, to modify their teaching according to suggestions from the research literature, and […]

The Go Developers Almanac

Go is a very enticing language. Not having taken more than a light jump into it, it has all the brevity of what I remember as a student learning C combined with the modern library support of Python today. Wanting to find the Go equivelant of The Java Developers Almanac, I ended up at […]

Practicing the soroban

It looks like about an hour a day for a year or two for the first certification. The to-do list follows.