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cheezy scheme

It’s not merely cheezy, it’s full-on spray-can cheez. Who doesn’t love spray cheez… or Scheme… or Emacs-Lisp? (via emacswiki)

Picrin Scheme

Picrin is a lightweight scheme implementation intended to comply with full R7RS specification. Its code is written in pure C99 and does not requires any special external libraries installed on the platform. (via Reddit)

Lisp in Small Pieces

This book is another classic that must be imbibed.

Geiser 0.5 is out

Geiser 0.5 is out both on Marmalade and Melpa.

Schluessel – A Scheme Implementation on Java

Schluessel is an R5RS Scheme implementation based on Java. Schluessel can manipulate Java libraries by using reflection. Scheme applications written by Schluessel can also embed in Java applications.

husk scheme

husk is a dialect of Scheme written in Haskell that implements a superset of the R5RS standard. Husk may be used as either a stand-alone interpreter or as an extension language within a larger Haskell application, and is available under the MIT license.

Scheme Spheres

Scheme Spheres is the batteries (as in “batteries included”) for the Gambit Scheme Compiler. It is a collection of modules and tools to help you build stuff.

Interactive Image Generation with Racket

Not sure whether I blogged about this or not already, but I sure could not find it so here goes. A while back my buddy Bruce needed some randomly generated images in a particular format for a project. The specs were more of a “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of thing so […]

MPI Programming with Racket

Here is some working code to let Racket use MPI, from an old homework.

BiwaScheme: A Scheme interpreter for browsers

BiwaScheme is a Scheme interpreter for web browsers. (via leppie)