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A Scheme Interpreter in Forth

This is an interpreter for a really simple dynamically scoped Scheme dialect. It only runs with Gforth, because it uses Gforth’s structs to implement its data structures.

Mastery, Questions, Hardware, Software, LISP, Forth, TI-99/4A

Over the last two years a few questions and ideas have visited me and the following is my attempt to piece them together…

Driving a Printer with Scheme on Android

Ben implemented printing to a thermal printer on Android using Kawa Scheme.

Announce: PicoLisp in Hardware (PilMCU)

PilMCU is an implementation of 64-bit PicoLisp directly in hardware. A truly minimalistic system. PicoLisp is both the machine language and the operating system: Via help-gnu-emacs.

Lexical Scope and Statistical Computing

Any paper that references SICP must be read. It is curious how key computational ideas have propagated to one area of application exactly and one may have expected they would do so.

Nice article on continuations

Here. Scheme is, deceptively simple.

Distinguishing models

It is important to distinguish between the mathematical numbers, the Scheme objects that attempt to model them, the machine representations used to implement the numbers, and notations used to write numbers. — R6RS Chapter 3

A R7RS Small Scheme Timeline

No opinions here, just events.

cheezy scheme

It’s not merely cheezy, it’s full-on spray-can cheez. Who doesn’t love spray cheez… or Scheme… or Emacs-Lisp? (via emacswiki)

Picrin Scheme

Picrin is a lightweight scheme implementation intended to comply with full R7RS specification. Its code is written in pure C99 and does not requires any special external libraries installed on the platform. (via Reddit)