Major Concours Service Update

08/31/12 Doug

  • Installed a new petcock
  • Installed a fuel gauge resistor corrector
  • Installed stainless front brake line
  • Installed new handlebar (“650-03602 B34: Black 7/8“ Suzuki GS-E Style) and mount (“SB-025 Superbike Bar Mounts” ): Flanders and Storz
  • Installed footpeg lowering kit: Murphs
  • New engine oil and filter: Shell Rotella T
  • Front brake fluid change
  • Clutch fluid change

10/31/12 The Shop

  • New front tire: Dunlop K701F
  • Replaced fork seals and consequently replaced the fork oil
  • Replaced clutch and brake master cylinder rusty screws
  • New rear brake fluid
  • Cleaned and oiled air filter
  • Wired in Hyperlites
  • Adjusted fork height (it was about 2“ too high) and consequently installed new stainless front brake cable
  • Valve adjustment
  • General safety inspection of work done prior

The bike rides very differently, smoother and more stable. The handlebar height and lowered pegs also feel much better to me. Here are some pics:

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