DEFUN08: ACM SIGPLAN 2008 Developer Tracks on Functional Programming

DEFUN 2008 invites functional programmers who know how to solve
problems with functional progamming to give talks and lead tutorials
at the The ICFP Developer Tracks.
We want to know about your favorite programming techniques, powerful
libraries, and engineering approaches you’ve used that the world
should know about and apply to other projects. We want to know how to
be productive using functional programming, write better code, and
avoid common pitfalls.

ICFP08 looks like a lot of fun!
(via PLT)

Dynamic Languages Symposium 2008

The Dynamic Languages Symposium 2008

is a forum for discussion of dynamic languages, their implementation and application. While mature dynamic languages including Smalltalk, Lisp, Scheme, Self, Prolog, and APL continue to grow and inspire new converts, a new generation of dynamic scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, PHP, Tcl, and JavaScript are successful in a wide range of applications. DLS provides a place for researchers and practitioners to come together and share their knowledge, experience, and ideas for future research and development.

Functional and Declarative Programming in Education (FDPE08)

This conference covers a lot of very interesting topics about the role of functional programming (FP) languages in education (follow the link for ample details). It sounds like a great conference!
(Its co-location with ICFP 2008 is yet another reason to attend, and as FP becomes more popular in the industry today, the question of how to teach FP to imperatively trained programmers becomes especially interesting.)