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Guile-Emacs Continues Forward with GSoC

Guile-Emacs continues forward with GSoC.

The Guile 100 Programs Project

The Guile folks are looking for programmers curious about contributing, having some fun, and possibly winning a monetary reward for their work! Details here.

Geiser 0.2.1 ELPA Package

Here is an ELPA package for the Geiser library. The code is original from the author, I just packaged it up! Here is one way to install it: (require ‘package) (when (not (package-installed-p ‘geiser)) (url-copy-file "" "/tmp/geiser-0.2.1.tar" t) (package-install-file "/tmp/geiser-0.2.1.tar"))

Big Guile Release

Guile adds among other things hygienic-macros and Unicode support. Awesome! (via guile)

Lua potentially implemented in Guile

In this thread the OP discusses implementing Lua on top of Guile as an extension language. It seems that it might be eligible for Google’s SOC sponsorship. While the OP doesn’t mention wanting help, it is interesting, and who knows other folks might like to contribute.

Guile Took Psyntax to Heart

Psyntax is now integrated into the heart of Guile: For users, the practical implication of this is that syntax-rules and syntax-case are available, all the time. This is a lovely, lovely thing. — Wingo (via wingolog)