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Geiser 0.5 is out

Geiser 0.5 is out both on Marmalade and Melpa.

Interactive Image Generation with Racket

Not sure whether I blogged about this or not already, but I sure could not find it so here goes. A while back my buddy Bruce needed some randomly generated images in a particular format for a project. The specs were more of a “I’ll know it when I see it” kind of thing so […]

MPI Programming with Racket

Here is some working code to let Racket use MPI, from an old homework.

Scribfile: File and Operating System related Scribble Functionality Is a little library that provides two forms, one to read a lispy language file into a codeblock and another that makes a system call and renders the results in a verbatim form. Pretty helpful for demos of non-Racket code and who knows what else. Thanks Racket team, and Danny and Matthew for getting […]

Essentials of Garbage Collection

Another great PLT effort for the backlog: How do we teach students the essential ideas behind garbage collection?

Geiser 0.3 is Released

Excellent for use with Racket. Get it here.

Rebootable Programs in Racket

Here is how to do it courtesy of TonyG.

This is How Easy it is to Make Changes to DrRacket

DrRacket is open-source (LGPL) editor for Racket. Sometimes you want to make changes to it. For example today I wanted to enable online compilation on single-core machines. Here is how easy it is to do it: Assuming that DrRacket is already installed. This is a normal installation using the installer; you do not typically have […]

DrRacket for the Truly Impatient V02

DrRacket is a wonderful editor. It is so feature rich that the first time you begin using it, you may end up missing out on how powerful and pleasant it is to use due to the multitude of options and features. The following is my attempt to share the most useful and interesting features and […]

RWind: The Beginnings of a Racket Based Window Manager

Check it out here.