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More Basic Setup

Custom JESS REPL If you want to use a custom JESS REPL with Emacs then set up a shell script jsjs-repl like this: #!/bin/bash mvn –file /home/gcr/git/jess-sample-java-setup/jsjs/pom.xml compile -Pjess-repl And then make this call in EMACS before calling run-jess: (setq inferior-jess-program “/home/gcr/git/jess-sample-java-setup/jsjs/jsjs-repl”) More Background My background is custom software development in a consulting and stuff […]

Jess Sample Java Setup Project: Minimal Setup

This project will start out with a typical Java development setup: Ubuntu 12.04 LTS GNU/Linux: IntelliJ Idea, the most pleasant development environment out there (Eclipse usually copies the good features within 3-9 months, but it is still pretty unpleasant): jprofiler: GNU Emacs 24, for everything that Idea doesn’t do well: Oracle’s […]

Jess Sample Java Setup Project: Mission Statement

For a couple of months I have thought about how fun it would be to set up a real simple Java+Jess project to help myself out with the basics of dependency management and logistics of interaction between Java and Jess. Recently it made sense to start using GitHub. With the hope that lowering the barriers […]