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Debugging performance issues in CLIPS

In this post John explained how to so with the latest version of CLIPS.

Running CLIPS on Android

Via here: CLIPS4Android and DROID-CLIPS

CLIPS Language Support for Visual Studio

Very sweet.

The perennial fear revealed by a rules engine

When seeking to attain mastery of rules engines (RE), you will experience an odd phenomenon. Others, upon hearing some details of your course of study, will react in a what initially appears to be a manner angrily dismissive of the topic itself. This is strange given the fundamental role that computation plays in literally everything […]

How To Tell Stuff To A Computer

This looks like a great read; can’t wait to do so. (via Mark Watson)


It would be nice to have a lovingly supported CLIPS mode along with org-mode literate programming (babel) and a clear legal pedigree.

clips-mode 0.7 Release

Just put a new release of clips-mode out on Marmalade. Changes are minor, just taking over Andrey’s wonderful contribution to the community. Cut over to GPLV3, added a build script, and started adding TODOs in the task list.

The Jess Blog

The only blog on Jess that I’ve found.

Mímir is an experimental rule engine written in Clojure

It looks nice; details here.

Ontological Management with Protege OWL and Jess

Part of my quest to learn more about rules-engines involved the desire to find a really good approach for knowledge management. The short story is that when you work with a subject matter expert (SME), you need to find some good way to capture the domain data and behavior, the rules, actions, and everything else […]