org-mode document transport ala a zip file

In this humble post the Kitchin Research Group demonstrates how to package up all external references for an org-mode document for transportation in a zip file solving the problem that many org-mode users face of how to simply and easily share the entirety of an org-mode document with others without exporting to PDF.


A mistake that I made too often in life was to focus too much on the specific implementation or realization of a thing instead of learning about the valuable generalizations and abstractions that may be learned from it and applied elsewhere. That was then, this is now.
imenu is actually a nice feature for Emacs. When I learned about it way back when, having quit using the menu bar, I dismissed it as not-helpful. That was a stupid thing for me to do because there ought to be a way to use it with the keyboard. Of course there is.
Thank you vitoshka, for imenu-anywhere.

Build the configuration you need

The Emacs configuration for normal operations on my system has loads of useful and powerful packages loaded. Sometimes they interfere with the normal operation of org-html-export-to-*, though. The simplest way to address those issues is to generate two confirmation files: one for full-blown Emacs use and another just for doing exports. With literate programming in org-mode it is totally simple to do. It looks like this: