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Debugging performance issues in CLIPS

In this post John explained how to so with the latest version of CLIPS.

Running CLIPS on Android

Via here: CLIPS4Android and DROID-CLIPS

CLIPS Language Support for Visual Studio

Very sweet.


It would be nice to have a lovingly supported CLIPS mode along with org-mode literate programming (babel) and a clear legal pedigree.

clips-mode 0.7 Release

Just put a new release of clips-mode out on Marmalade. Changes are minor, just taking over Andrey’s wonderful contribution to the community. Cut over to GPLV3, added a build script, and started adding TODOs in the task list.

The Lisa Project

Lisa is a production-rule system implemented in the Common Lisp Object System (CLOS), and is heavily influenced by CLIPS and the Java Expert System Shell (JESS). — Lisa Site

Great CLIPS and JESS Posts

Here are many great posts by John Lindberg.

A Bit about CLIPS

JESS is a superset of CLIPS. On Linux it is a little less obvious how to get the install because CLIPS seems to come with a powerful IDE, but not on Linux. Oh well, on Ubuntu you can install it with: sudo apt-get install clips clips-common clips-doc Installing it provides the interpreter a nice man […]