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The perennial fear revealed by a rules engine

When seeking to attain mastery of rules engines (RE), you will experience an odd phenomenon. Others, upon hearing some details of your course of study, will react in a what initially appears to be a manner angrily dismissive of the topic itself. This is strange given the fundamental role that computation plays in literally everything […]

Rules-Engines Recommended Wikipedia Reading

You know that advice “trust but verify”? It couldn’t be more true when it comes to the realm of applied or narrow artificial intelligence, specifically with respect to rules-engines. There is more dis-information out there on rules-engines than on any other tech topic that I’ve ever researched. It is really, really shocking the amount of […]

Post’s Tenth Rule of Computing

Any sufficiently complicated enterprise system contains an ad-hoc, informally-specified bug-ridden slow implementation of half of a rules engine. Ok, Post didn’t really say it I’m just having a little fun here paraphrasing Greenspun. Think about it though; it works!

On Computing

Computing is very poorly understood. Case in point here is the litmus test I would argue to you that: In North America you can pull any 18 year old randomly off the street and ask them to do something and it would go like this: 1. Can you build a basic bridge between a 3ft […]

On Rules

Over the last few weeks nights and weekends I’ve played around with Jess studying up on rules engines and expert systems. The approach of focusing on the limited reality defined by the facts and rules in the universe of the engine along with letting go of control of sequencing are surprisingly freeing. Memories of event […]