Eclim: The power of Eclipse in your favorite editor

Eclim provides the ability to access Eclipse code editing features (code completion, searching, code validation, and many more) via the command line or a local network connection, allowing those features to be integrated with your favorite editor. Eclim provides an integration with Vim, but third party clients have been created to add eclim support to other editors as well (emacs, sublime text 2, textmate).

Via emacslife.

Algorithmic Music via FORTH

In the comments of this post a commentor named b0b (sic) mentioned “algorithmic music”. I emailed him and he shared more information about it. That led to reading his bio that provides information both about the author and the composition.

b0b created music playing automatons each with the limitations that humans have. The whole thing is quite an expression of creativity!

You can listen to the record on the site and also purchase a cassette tape.
better, the FORTH source code is available here!

Seems like a fine excuse to learn more about the Atari ST and ForthMacs!

Anatomy of the Meditative Brain @YI_Mag

The purpose of this course is not to make you a brain scientist or anatomist, but rather to give you knowledge of the functions of the parts of the brain so that you can self-direct your neuroplasticity and ultimately deepen your meditation practice.

Concise, informative, delightful, and uplifting, this course makes the best use of 45m of your time to touch upon some cutting edge research that is easily consumed and digested into actionable items to enrich your life and others.