Emil Post and his Anticipation of Goedel and Turing

In Emil Post and his Anticipation of Goedel and Turing

The author discusses Emil Post`s life and ideas about incompletness and insolvability which later became famous with Goedel and Turing`s work, and the differences between Post and Goedel.

Fascinating read (the parts that I understood :P).

Interruptions During Meditation Practice Are Gifts

When you get serious about your meditation practice you will surely encounter external interruptions you had never before imagined. Your first reaction will be frustration and anger at them. That is fine and it is normal. The fun comes when you take these interruptions as an opportunity for expansion.

Turn them into your practice. Take the critical phone call about the issue that everyone will forget tomorrow. Tell the kids playing in the hallway to have fun and to be careful not to trip. Come to think of it, those interruptions seem pretty typical. It is your reaction to it that is atypical; that is what contains the magic.

Reality doesn’t exist until we measure it, quantum experiment confirms

Australian scientists have recreated a famous experiment and confirmed quantum physics’s bizarre predictions about the nature of reality, by proving that reality doesn’t actually exist until we measure it – at least, not on the very small scale.