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Help Changing the Throttle Cable on a C10

When observing the bike from the RH side, rotate the center cable mechanism CW so the carbs are at full throttle. This will bring the “pull” cable access “notch” so it faces the rear of the bike, and more accessible from the top. During the time you are rotating the mechanism, pay attention to the […]

Seal the wiring deal

use butt connectors, ring terminals, and spade clips ad a good crimper. Before crimping, I’ll coat the wire end and the connector with a dielectric paste, avoiding silicon sealer, as it can shrink and allow moisture in. A layer of heat-shrink tubing guarantees a water tight worry free connection.

The Conc Must Rest 2014

She now must take her rest for the winter. Perhaps a tad early, but it is for the best. Standard: fresh gas, StaBil, and the battery tender.

Tracer360 – Noxgear

It’s dark outside and all you want is to hit the road for some well-deserved miles. Our Tracer360 uses the full color spectrum in specially designed illumination modes to keep you highly visible. Paired with high quality 3M reflective materials the Tracer360 is the perfect, lightweight replacement for your bulky and uncomfortable safety vest. Want […]

Harbor Freight is Good

Really, it is good. If you evaluate your actual needs you will find that it serves them well and it is one of the few reasonably placed multi-purpose shops around town within 15 minutes of most places. Here is their coupon page:

A Nice Moto Guzzi Hat

Can Moto Guzzi do any wrong? No, not really. Sure, from what I hear there is something of a labor-of-love to ownership, but I welcome such a labor.

An Odd Honda Hat

Searching for a Honda Racing ball-cap has been unusually difficult with most vendors happy to take orders but none able to fulfill them. Narrowed it down to 4 caps and in the end only 1 of them was ship-able. This Fox Racing “FlexFit” (brand) is only available in S/M or L/XL. The hat is quite […]

Used Motorcycle Checklist Email Template

Here is a template that I have found successful in minimizing the hassle for a motorcycle seller and maximizing the information summary for a motorcycle buyer. Credit is due to those who helped me with this; foul is due to me for any mistakes. It follows: Hello, Regarding your motorcycle for sale, I put together […]

Henderson Motorcycle

They are on my dream list.

2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels

Via this link via Douglas Grindstaff: Is it stupidity to think a couple (one a paraplegic) could cross the USA on 2 & a half bikes? Well we are planning to find out. The plan is to take 10 weeks to criss cross and zig zag our way from LA to NY, to see the […]