Help Changing the Throttle Cable on a C10

When observing the bike from the RH side, rotate the center cable mechanism CW so the carbs are at full throttle. This will bring the “pull” cable access “notch” so it faces the rear of the bike, and more accessible from the top. During the time you are rotating the mechanism, pay attention to the individual carb linkages and you will see a gap form between a stop and a section of the linkage. When the carbs are at full throttle, find a suitable flat blade screw driver and wedge it in this gap to hold the carbs open once you’ve released the cable mechanism. This will give you ample time to fiddle with getting the cable end in the hole and engaged. A pair of long, long-nosed needle nose pliers, or a long hemostat works best in getting the cable end in place.

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An Odd Honda Hat

Searching for a Honda Racing ball-cap has been unusually difficult with most vendors happy to take orders but none able to fulfill them. Narrowed it down to 4 caps and in the end only 1 of them was ship-able.
This Fox Racing “FlexFit” (brand) is only available in S/M or L/XL. The hat is quite high, assumed that is to accommodate all sizes for the range. My melon just barely fits in the thing, but for the price of shipping it isn’t worth returning it and in a jam it will do.
It is hard to tell whether or not it is really made of 98% cotton because it has a strange look unlike any piece of cotton I’ve ever seen. The red isn’t really “Honda Red”, either, it is more like a poinsettia you might see during the holidays, and not like a fire-engine.
Given that there are seemingly literally no other Honda Racing ball-caps for sale, it is by definition the best option. However, I will keep my eye out for something better.
Here are some pictures for your study:
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Used Motorcycle Checklist Email Template

Here is a template that I have found successful in minimizing the hassle for a motorcycle seller and maximizing the information summary for a motorcycle buyer. Credit is due to those who helped me with this; foul is due to me for any mistakes. It follows:
Regarding your motorcycle for sale, I put together the following questions to make it pleasant both for you as a seller and me as a buyer:
In case I want to set up an appointment to test-ride and purchase the bike, at what phone number(s) are you reachable throughout the day?
My cell phone number is ###-###-####.
Why are you selling it?
Do you have the title?
Is the title in your name?
Is there a lien against the title?
Does the VIN on the bike match the VIN on the title?
Has this bike been rebuilt?
Did you follow the standard maintenance schedule for the motorcycle?
Are service records available?
If so for how long?
When is the last time that the the brake pads, hoses, or any of the fluids were changed (and which ones)?
When is the next service due?
What year is it?
How many miles does it have?
Has it ever been tipped over?
Does it come with any after-market items:
* Body (seat, fender extension, foot pegs, levers, tip over bars, handlebar risers, passenger backrest, heated grips, throttle lock, tank bra)?
* Braking(lines, pads, rebuilds, rotors)?
* Electrical(battery, horn, power outlet for heated gear)?
* Engine/Transmission(air filter, seals, cooling, spark plugs, exhaust)?
* Fuel System(fuel tank quick release, carbs, jet kit, filter)?
* General(vendor owners manual, Clymer manual, cover, wheel lock (any method))?
* Hardware(stainless screws)?
* Lighting(mounts, light kits, dual-headlight, tail lights)?
* Luggage(top case mount, top case (Givi etcetera), tankbag?
* Suspension(shocks, fork brace, )?
* Windshield(Givi, Rifle, lip add-on)?
Do you allow a test-ride before purchasing the bike?
Do you accept a cashiers check?
How much are you asking?
Is that negotiable?
Best wishes,
firstname lastname

2.5 Bikes, 2 Riders, 9 wheels

Via this link via Douglas Grindstaff:

Is it stupidity to think a couple (one a paraplegic) could cross the USA on 2 & a half bikes? Well we are planning to find out. The plan is to take 10 weeks to criss cross and zig zag our way from LA to NY, to see the sights and enjoy the freedom and those unique views and sensations that only a motorcyclist understands.

What it is: wonderful.