Making Sense of git-flow

Vincent’s Git workflow is powerful and simple. So it is the best one for most of us. When you tell somebody that you aren’t using it then they expect a pretty convincing explanation why not. There isn’t much to make sense of really.

gitflow-avh is the easiest way to use it. I tried doing it manually but it is easier to use the plugin. Here are some of the differences if you want compare the plugin with doing it manually. It is worth trying out manually if you want to appreciate the plugin, maybe.

This and this cheat-sheet aren’t all you need to know but they are a fine start.

3 Nice Looking Diff Tools and My Pick

1 Desire

I want a GUI diff/merge tool. Text-based diff is fine for easy stuff. I want a
tool that makes difficult merges easy. I want a single download,
install, and run. I want something with first class support. It should run
well on Windows, OSX, and Linux. This was my original goal.

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