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Realtime web development with skewer and Emacs

[skewer-mode] provides live interaction with JavaScript, CSS, and HTML in a web browser. Expressions are sent on-the-fly from an editing buffer to be evaluated in the browser, just like Emacs does with an inferior Lisp process in Lisp modes. Looks like a pretty nice option if you are used to Emacs already and so much […]

Effective JavaScript Book Review

Looking for resources to help you maximize your learnings and minimize your time use is often fruitless. Publishing deadlines cut books short, real life gets in the author’s way, and personal preference, well there isn’t much you can do about that. In many ways, this book is an oddity. The voice is at ease, nothing […]

JavaScript: The Good Parts Book Review

If you are new to JavaScript, then you have voluminous options available to your for your pursuit of knowledge. In my case, I started with the ECMA-262 standard for ECMAScript 5. You can tell that there was a lot of love there; though it wasn’t really the right place (at least for me) to get […]

Mastering Web Application Development with AngularJS Book Review

My journey to using AngularJS (NG) was quite raw, relying entirely on the online documentation, API documentation, blog posts, Google group, and stackoverflow links. Surely, not unique, but definitely lacking in some ways since the NG documentation is notoriously brief when you get to the “rich” (aka hard) parts. After 6 months hacking on NG […]

Angular Unstable will be in Bower Soon

Tried to install AngularJS unstable today via bower and followed this trail: make version 1.1.5 available on bower packages ( create a 1.1.5 tag ) Include unstable versions Bower should install stable components by default Add support for semver 2.0.0-rc.1’s build level to find that Bower currently doesn’t support unstable releases due to a versioning […]

Flow Control in Selenium IDE Scripting

Adding to the Selenium IDE’s already awesome “save your behind in every kind of situation possible” behavior, here is a plugin that adds the flow control constructs that are so sorely missed from the base language. This is a powerful, powerful addition that makes some horrible tasks… bearable.

Using Firebug to Evaluate XPath Queries in Firebug

Start the Firebug console and use the ‘$x’ function. It takes one argument, the xpath query in single quotes. (via browsermob)

Whalesong: a Racket to JavaScript compiler

Whalesong is a compiler from Racket to JavaScript; it takes Racket programs and translates them so that they can run stand-alone on a user’s web browser. It should allow Racket programs to run with (hopefully!) little modification, and provide access through the foreign-function interface to native JavaScript APIs. The included runtime library supports the numeric […]


kybernetikos shared with me a link to his Lispy language implementation on Javascript: Javathcript allows you to script your web pages in a simple lisp variant. Once you include Javathcript.js, any script tags in your document with type=”text/lisp” will be evaluated. It will also download lisp files (only from the original server), if you have […]