Easily Browse Imenu Entries In A Buffer

Imenu is an under-recognized gem of a package. One way to make it more accessible is to utilize it via a buffer instead of going up to a menu.

imenu-list does just that. It is shockingly powerful because nearly every package has Imenu integration, it is fast, easy to read, and lets you quickly jump around and exit the mode just as easily as you entered it.

Screenflow 6 User Guide Highlights

  • Recording Monitor makes monitoring easier
    • Easily add markers
  • Difference between clips and backing medias turns ScreenFlow (SF) into a Lisp-like and Git-like environment for easily trying things out and reverting them if you don’t like the results
    • Test this out by speeding up or slowing down a clip, cool
  • Where can I find standard, known-good approaches for visual and audio effects in multimedia content production?
  • Nested clips
  • Templates seem like a really great idea, too
  • You can do free-hand callouts that blur and darken areas
  • Everyone must know about snapback actions
    • Restore the state of the clip to the N-1 action

Easily Dust With A Damp Microfiber Cloth

Having grown up with Lemon Pledge I found that the lemon scent was the only pleasant thing about dusting with it. The endless wiping which just spread the dust around was… not fun. My dad mentioned he switched to dusting with a damp microfiber cloth. Wow. It rocks. The world needs to know about these things. Best of all: when you are finished, just wash them and hang them to dry, no paper waste at all!