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Keeping computer stuff easy, convenient, and safe

This is a light-weight, informal presentation on some data-maintenance topics for typical personal-computer use.

Encript-ing Emacs Lisp

A little “busy”, but all good. enscript –word-wrap –underlay=Master –ul-gray=0.9 –line-numbers -M Letter –pretty-print=elisp –landscape –columns=2 –output=/home/gcr/tmp/ ./.emacs.el

How to delete a folder containing trailing spaces in Windows 7

Use 7-Zip to rename the folder. Via superuser.


The name says it all; this program makes it easy to get all of the GnuWin32 goodness (no more tedious individual downloads).

Scribfile: File and Operating System related Scribble Functionality Is a little library that provides two forms, one to read a lispy language file into a codeblock and another that makes a system call and renders the results in a verbatim form. Pretty helpful for demos of non-Racket code and who knows what else. Thanks Racket team, and Danny and Matthew for getting […]

The best Git client ever: Tig

It is so simple and powerful enough too, what a wonderful client: Tig. – via Atlassian

Making irssi refresh work with tmux

The first time you try using irssi with tmux you might notice that on screens larger than 40 rows the refresh functionality does not work. This is a known not-really-an-issue tmux requires a particular term and is quite clear about it in the docs (if you read them I did not). Found the solution here, […]


OldChromeRemover removes old copies of Chrome that are doing nothing but wasting disk space on your Windows machine.

Rebootable Programs in Racket

Here is how to do it courtesy of TonyG.

Configuring VNC on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop Over SSH Before Logging In Locally

My goal was to log in to the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Desktop desktop, over a SSH tunnel, using VNC, before anyone was logged into the desktop itself. This scenario occurs because although you may share your desktop over the built in “Desktop Sharing”, you may need to restart the system, and after rebooting you are […]